"The space between the sun & planets was not effectively empty"


Happy National Poetry Month from this first grader:

We did the soft wind.
We danst slowly. We swrld aroned.
We danst soft.
We lisin to the mozik.
We danst to the mozik.
We made personal space.


Currently obsessed with Lonnie Holley.


Dori Atlantis - Cunt Cheerleaders, 1971

L-R: Cay Lang, Vanalyne Green, Dori Atlantis and Sue Boud

Students of the Feminist Art Program, Fresno State College (now California State University, Fresno), 1970-71


Leslie Jamison at McNally-Jackson, 4/16/14


Two years ago, sculptor Hanna Eshel was looking for a roommate and placed this ad on Craigslist. “I didn’t want to explain my loft; you just have to see it,” the 87-year-old artist said of the apartment where she lived and worked since 1978. Filled with climbing houseplants, simple wooden furniture and, most profoundly, her art — abstract paintings and hulking sculptures made from Carrara marble — it’s a place that time forgot. For nearly four decades, she chiseled and sanded away in quiet obscurity, apart from a few small shows. “I had no interest in promoting art,” she says. Besides, the sensuous, minimalistic forms of her work were not necessarily in step with the current trends. “There was Pop Art and Op Art. I didn’t follow the fashions.” (via Legacy | A Love Eternal)