SH: Is the “you” tweeting a “character” to any degree?

PL: My character is a sort of surreal, postmodern Mae West: delusions of grandeur, willingness to say anything, breasts everywhere, even where they don’t belong, and made out of one-liners. I like it when women assume voices of total and even reckless comic authority. I like shocking declarations, and swinging from the chandelier, and general word-drunkenness, and the tight constraints of spangled dresses.

— More from the same interview.
“PL: I don’t experience much loneliness, oddly. Sometimes I have thought I was lonely and it turned out I was in reality wanting a snack, just like sometimes I have thought I was mad and it turned out I was actually wearing too many sweaters. I’ve always been very content in the company of my own thoughts, and I prefer to spend much of my time alone. But I do like conversation — for the exercise, for the spark, for the let’s-see-where-it-takes-us, for being able to dip into communal creativity when you’re tired of your own air.”

Patricia Lockwood being interviewed by Sheila Heti about Twitter

#patricialockwood (at East River Park-Lower Eastside)


Sharon EtgarHouses & Boats, 2012

finally back in the studio - my grandma at camp